Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Adventure in Myrtle Beach!

Dear friends and family,
Whew, the vacation is almost over. We had such a great time and it was full of adventure. This year we traveled on a budget and realized just how much fun a family could have on a nickel. We only ate out once and that was a to-go order today. Today we fed the seagulls, watched the waves, built sandcastles and went swimming in the outdoor lazy river. As soon as Brody got in the water he signed, "thank you". It is so wonderful to see him so happy.
Ian and Atlee have gotten along great this week and have been a joy. Ian got a Robin costume for Christmas and has not taken it off except to swim for six days. Do you think he loves it? Atlee's favorite toy was a giant stuffed white tiger. She has slept with it and carried it around for days. It is twice the size of her and she named it "tink". They have had unlimited TV and that is a big thing since they don't normally get to watch it except on weekends. We also got 8 six packs of Sundrop from my brother for Christmas and they have had their share; another big splurge!
Brody has almost learned the word "soup" and school has about eight others for homework. He is doing well and learning everyday. I wish I had a week with him once a month or so just to teach him. I have to admit though it is hard to be with him 24/7.
We are blessed with the opportunity to minister everyday on vacation. You can only imagine what people think when they see 3 children, a service dog and two OLD parents. Millo is some better and has been a "child" on this trip. We have had extra potty breaks and medicine three times a day as well as a little extra TLC. Please continue to pray for us and his recovery.
God bless,

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