Monday, May 4, 2009

Three day weekend!

Dear friends and family,
I never get a day off much less three in a row. What a glorious weekend spending time with my husband and children. We started off on Saturday sleeping late and then going to Marcy Jo's restaurant to eat breakfast. Brody, Ian and Atlee were excellent and I was by myself. Bubba had set his jewelry up at Nolensville's women's show.
We then went to see Bubba at the show and Kroger, Baby's R Us, and a couple of other places. Everyone with a child with FX knows this is unheard of. Brody was amazing and we had the best time. We went to church on Sunday and then packed a picnic and rode around looking at our hometown on every road possible. It was very interesting with all the flooding we have.
Today we decided to celebrate Mother's Day and go to the Mexican restaurant and Brody was excellent again. What an amazing weekend we had.
Bubba, Ian, Atlee, Brody and Millo are the best.

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