Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kindergarten graduation...

There is so much to tell you in the last 10 days. Last night all three of our children graduated from kindergarten. We had such a good time and they all three did GREAT! Afterwards we went to dinner and Brody tolerated that amazingly well. It was quite a night. The staff kept him in the music room until time for him to graduate and then brought him in. He did perfect and even took his diploma from the teacher. He clapped for himself and was so proud.

This week he brought me his shoes to put on for the first time and learned the sign for shoes. SWEET....

On Saturday night last week, Brody gave both his brother and sister a hug and kiss. You talk about beautiful. It was a sight to see and they were both receptive. I was so proud.'

We got the pool open today and Brody gave me the "bath" sign. It worked, I put him in the pool. He wanted right back out because the temperature was 71 degrees. Whew!

We have asked for acoustic panels for the cafeteria. It is so loud in there and it hurts him so much that he runs to the opposite end of the cafeteria several times during the meal. Hopefully they can provide that. They are buying new vans for next year to take him to school.

Brody seems to know that his BIG BIRTHDAY BASH is coming up. We are all so excited! Hope you can come.
Picture was when we first met his service dog Millo.

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