Monday, February 2, 2009

Flowers and Honey Buns!

What a blessing Brody has been to our family. Today we added Flowers Bakery to our list of sponsors for Brody's Birthday Bash. They will be providing honey buns for the venue. It is always wonderful to get to share Brody's story with someone for the first time.
Today Brody signed "jump" and I couldn't get his shoes on fast enough to take him to the trampoline. I have been working on "jump" since school started in August. We were watching the other kids out the window and Brody looked at me, clapped, and signed "jump". What a feeling of joy that gave me.

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the other lion said...

punkin learned that one fast, too! he loves the huge outdoor trampoline at my aunt and uncle's house, but isn't that excited about his little indoor one anymore.