Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Special Education Teacher

Dear friends,
Please pray for Brody's teacher. Her daughter is facing some medical conditions that need your help with prayer. She and her daughter may be out until the first of the year. Brody will also have some trouble with transitioning to another substitute teacher. Please keep them lifted up in your prayers as Brody did a lot of face smacking yesterday.
Today was pictures with Santa. I put on a shirt and sweater and send the Lycra shirt for afterwards. Brody sucks on his shirts unless we put on one like you wear under sports uniforms.
It has been encouraging to see that people are keeping up with us and reading our who's Brody blog, thanks.....


Vicki Davis said...

If you do a search for something called chewlery, you will find some chewy necklaces, even stylish for boys, that he can chew on instead of his cloths... but the chewing thing is very typical FX.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the chewlery was awesome too! Matty didn't need it because he chewed on himself. He still chews on his hand at time. I think a lot of time the kids that feel pain chew on their clothes and the ones who don't feel pain (like Matty) chew on themselves.

Jen said...

My older two weren't into chewing on clothes, but Kyle does bite his fingers, although that is getting better.
Evan, though, chews on any shirt that has a little extra room. He also chews on his blankie if we let him have it outside of his crib. I really hope he outgrows that.
I made the picture you asked about using Microsoft Picture It! I like that program---a lot. There is so much you can do with it. I also used that program to make last year's Christmas cards (the 2007 picture on the left). The background is our Christmas tree.

brody's mom said...

I sent Brody in a sweater and shirt today to take a picture with Santa and then they quickly changed him into his Lycra shirt. He has some chewlery, but has stopped using it. We got rid of Brody's blankets this summer and so far he doesn't chew on himself.